Dress Code

Dress Code

Dancers show respect for themselves and others by being dressed appropriately for class. Purchase apparel from a retail store that stocks brands that are acceptable for proper and modest dress for dance studios. Off-brands often do not fit properly and can be a source of pain and frustration. A cover-up should be worn entering and leaving the studio no matter what the season or weather. Please direct any questions about dress code to the specific dance instructor, or any other studio staff.
Below are general guidelines for appropriate studio dress:

  • No jewelry, other than small earrings.
  • Shoe strings should either be tucked in or tied in a knot and cut off.
  • No street shoes on the dance floor. Never wear dance shoes outside.
  • Please do not wear underwear under leotards when wearing tights. Traditionally tights serve as underwear. Wear underwear when not wearing tights in the warm weather.
  • Student's hair should be pulled up off the neck. A bun is preferred for children under 6 years old.
  • No sagging or baggy clothing unless otherwise stated below.
  • T-shirts or tank-tops must be worn over sports bras.


COMBO — The combo classes require leotard and tights. Skirts are optional. Underwear is not necessary when tights are worn. Pink ballet shoes and black tap shoes are required.

 — Black leotards are required. Ballet pink or theatrical pink tights are required and pink ballet shoes. T-shirts and other cover-ups are not allowed. Shorts are not allowed. A sweater may be worn at the beginning of class to warm-up in during cold winter months. Hair must be worn in a bun.

CHEER — Tank tops, form-fitted shorts or leggings, & cheer tennis shoes

TUMBLING — Form fitting clothing (bikers, leotards, leggings) and bare feet

HIP HOP — Comfortable athletic clothing. Baggy clothes are permitted in this class. Athletic shoes OK, but please bring separate shoes for dance (not directly from the street). Absolutely no jeans!

TAP — Modest dancewear such as leotards, tights, sweatpants, and skirts. Tap shoes

JAZZ — Leotards or form-fitting tops, form-fitting shorts or leggings, and tan split sole leather jazz shoes.

LYRICAL, PRE-DANCE, & ALL OTHER — Modest dancewear such as leotards, tights, sweatpants, and skirts. Street clothes and/or baggy clothes are NOT permitted. Never wear dance shoes outside.

BOYS DRESS CODE — Non-sagging shorts or sweat pants. No baggy shirts. For ballet, wear white or black ballet shoes, white socks, and T-shirt.