Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates

March 30, 2020

Hello Dance Addicts,

First and foremost, we hope that everyone is staying safe and healthy! We wanted to keep you updated on the latest developments with the current situation as well as how Dance Addiction continues to move forward with positivity! Yesterday, the President announced that he will be extending the stay at home order until April 30th. Sadly, this means that we will be forced to remain closed during this time.

We are so grateful for all of the positive feedback & encouragement we have received and are happy that your Dancers are utilizing the YouTube links we have provided with at-home instruction & learning in all styles of dance, at all levels. We appreciate all the nice texts and emails...and LOVE the videos of you dancing with your kids!! We are confident in the product we have put out for you and are grateful it's making a difference to you and your dancers throughout this difficult time.

If you missed the private link for the instructional/virtual dances, technique, and tumbling videos, let us know!

Over the past couple weeks, the DA Ownership has met and reviewed what this closure means to our Newer Studio! We have crunched numbers and are willing to be completely transparent throughout this process. We understand that this is a harder time for most of our families in one way or another and are sensitive to that fact. We ask you to be patient in realizing we are doing everything on our end to make sure that our doors can stay open after this crisis is over with. With that being said, we will be discounting tuition 25% until we are up and running as strong and confident as ever!!

We pray you will continue to stay committed to our small business. The choice to maintain your tuition sincerely helps as we navigate the difficult month ahead. We have offered extra activities (via instagram) with last weeks BINGO game, and this weeks "Spirit Week".....and next week are continuing to offer another layer of fun and instruction with LIVE DANCE CLASSES to keep your children engaged, happy and learning!

We KNOW that working together, we can keep Dance Addiction a positive and influential part of this community.

We miss you and think of your children, our Dance Addicts, often and pray we get to see all of your smiling faces in the studio again SOON!!!

Thank you for your continued love and support for us!

Please direct any comments or questions to Mama K at the number listed below! :)

Kelly Andrews
Owner & General Manager

March 16, 2020

Hello Parents and Dance Addicts:

After an extensive meeting with DA ownership, we have reviewed the current situation with the COVID-19 virus and ultimately have decided it is in the best interest of our DA faculty, students, and staff to temporarily suspend all classes.

Effective tomorrow, Tuesday, March 17th the studio will be closed through Sunday, March 29th. On this day, we will reassess the current conditions and determine if we will resume our regularly scheduled classes. At this time, we are looking into extending our dance season for that same period of time to ensure delivery of all classes. In the meantime, while dancers are home practicing "social distancing", we are determined to provide some fun, upbeat and instructional videos to our DA students via a link emailed out to parents from our private YouTube channel.

On another note, almost all venues available for recital have been canceled/closed through the end of May. We are SO EXCITED to announce our NEW Recital Date and Venue to be at the beautiful Horn Theatre, CSN Cheyenne Campus June 24th and 26th. We understand that this might be a challenge for some of you who have already made summer plans, but with the current situation we are feeling fortunate that we were able to land such an amazing venue while other studios are having to cancel their recital for the year.

We appreciate your understanding and willingness to adjust your schedule and help us stay positive through this trying time. A quote that we are drawing inspiration from was said by one of our favorite Dancing with the Stars winner, Derek Hough, who spoke to our girls last year at their Nationals.

"Replace Expectation with Appreciation"

Stay healthy, stay positive... and know together we can get through this!!!

-DA ownership

March 15, 2020

With the announcement of schools closing, we are planning on staying open unless we are instructed to close. Please see the information below with how we are doing our very best to navigate through this while keeping your kids' health and safety our top priority. 

For any direct questions or concerns, please reach out to one of our owners:

Kelly Andrews: 702-581-9291

Amy Cropper: 702-595-5060

Thank you!

March 14, 2020

Dance Addicts & Families,

As valued members of our dance family, we wanted to reach out regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and its impact on our community, students and families.

At this time Dance Addiction remains open unless or until directed otherwise. We would like to reassure you that we are adhering to the CDC Guidelines regarding the health and well-being of our students, their families, and our staff. This is DA's top priority! We will continue to monitor and implement the local, state, and federal recommendations as they're announced.

We take pride in our facility and how it operates and would like to highlight the policies we have in place at the studio to help our dance families stay healthy and safe.

Prevention Steps in the Studio

  • Sanitizer: We have sanitizer in each studio, the bathrooms as well as at the front desk and we encourage you to utilize it frequently.
  • Hand Washing: We encourage frequent hand washing (for at least 20 seconds before rinsing).
  • Surface Cleaning: We continue to wipe down areas that are frequently touched, along with door handles and equipment/Mats/Barres
  • Deep Cleaning: Each night the studio gets cleaned, and (per our usual routine) we have the studio deep cleaned by a professional each weekend.
  • Sneezes & Coughs: We are encouraging dancers to cough and sneeze into their arms, not in their hands.
  • Staff: Only staff feeling well (without symptoms) will be in the studio.

How you can help

  • Don't bring toys or "extras" from home.
  • Don't send your child to the studio sick or if a family member is sick.
  • Children missing a class due to illness will be granted a make-up session.

Dropping off dancers for class

We are asking families of dancers who are in intermediate & advanced levels, to drop dancers and go. Meaning, we are trying to lessen the amount of bodies in the lobby area. Parents of beginner classes and younger, are welcome to stay if your child needs you, but we are asking that you leave all other siblings at home.

In the coming days and weeks, we will continue to monitor the situation and pass along any pertinent information we gather.

Each family is encouraged to make their own decision about coming to the studio, please do what you feel comfortable with and what makes the most sense for you and your family. This is an extremely exciting time of year and we are looking forward to recital time. If your child is healthy, we would encourage you to keep up normalcy and continue to bring them to classes.

The well-being of our students and families is a top priority! Please know that we are here to address any concerns or issues and are happy to hear from you on additional ways we can keep our community healthy!


Kelly Andrews
Owner & General Manager
1321 S. Boulder Hwy | Henderson, NV 89015