From our toddler dance classes to our most advanced hip-hoppers, and everything in between, we’ve got the classes you’re looking for. We also offer technique, stretch & conditioning, and tumbling classes tailored to meet the needs of all levels of dancers, especially our high school dance team members seeking that “polished” finish!  

Registering is easy, just click the link above to create an account or login and select classes. For any questions, please reach out to, give us a call (702-558-0600) or contact us HERE! Of course, you can always drop by the studio and we will be happy to help you select just the right class for YOU!  
At Dance Addiction, our dancers are affectionately known as “Dance Addicts”, so drop in TODAY and try any class for FREE! We're confident that you'll love any one of our classes!


Classes available for registration right now include all tumbling and technique classes! Our dance classes are currently closed for recital. Check back in June and register for our new season!


3-4 PM Beginning Tumbling
4-5 PM Petite ELITE Team Jazz
Inter. Jazz, Ages 9+
Beginning Cheer
5-6 PM

Intermediate Contemporary

Petite ELITE Team Ballet
Beginning Tumbling
(5:15-6) Broadway Babies (Toddler Dance Class, Ages 3-4)
6-7 PM
Advanced Jazz
Inter. Hip Hop, Ages 7+ Intermediate Tumbling
Super Stars (Toddler Dance Class, Ages 4-5)
7-8 PM Intermediate Technique
Advanced Tumbling




2:30-4 PM
Junior ELITE Team Jazz
Teen ELITE Team Ballet
4-5 PM
(4-5:30) Teen ELITE Team Jazz
(4-5:30) Junior ELITE Team Ballet
Beg. Tumbling
Super Stars (Toddler Dance Class, Ages 4-5)
5-6 PM
Inter. Tumbling Beginning Hip Hop
6-7 PM Intermediate Jazz
Petite Elite Team Jazz
Tumbling Flip Flop Workshop Beginning Tap
7-8 PM
Intermediate Hip Hop, Ages 9+
Intermediate Leaps & Turns Adv. Tumbling Petite ELITE Team Tap



4-5 PM
Intermediate Ballet
(4:15-5) Intro to Tumbling (Ages 3-4)
5-6 PM
Beginning Ballet/Jazz, Ages 5+
Advanced Tumbling
(5:15-6) Broadway Babies (Toddler Dance Class, Ages 3-4)
6-7 PM Intermediate Hip Hop, Ages 10+ Latin Fusion Beginning Tumbling Advanced Pom/Jazz
7-8 PM Teen ELITE Team Tap Advanced Hip Hop Intermediate Tumbling



4-5 PM Intermediate Ballet, Ages 9+
Beginning Ballet, Ages 5+
5-6 PM Junior ELITE Team Tap
(4:30-6) Teen ELITE Team Ballet
Beginning Jazz, Ages 5+
6-7 PM Beginning Hip Hop (6-7) Junior ELITE Team Ballet
7-8 PM
(7-8:30) Teen/Junior ELITE Hip Hop



By Appointment



 9:00-10:30 AM
Teen ELITE Team Jazz
10:30 AM- 12 PM Junior ELITE Team Jazz



For questions about classes, please email 

We also offer private lessons — contact us for more information!